Following on from our meetings with various agencies a walkabout of the village took place and some key areas were highlighted for action. Some of these changes you will have noticed with the road markings being renewed.

Further actions are planned regarding the condition of the road surface and some of the road signage being replaced or updated.

A further meeting is planned for the end of January 2020 where we will look at the traffic data, comparing recent information with historical data so we can see what changes have occured to the volume and speed of traffic through the village.

Regarding road maintenance issues, please, please, please use the links below. The various agencies would rather have 10 reports than none! From personal experience this has worked at Ponsonby where a couple of issues were reported and action was taken with emails keeping us posted on progress on the issues. Very happy with the outcomes.


To report concerns or issues relating to the roads, highway, faulty lights or fallen trees around the village please use the link below:-


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