Following on from our meeting on the 17th July 2019 the group held a meeting with representatives from Cumbria Council, Parish Council, local Councilors, the Police, Sellafield, LLWR and local residents.

A presentation was given showing our concerns over signage, road conditions and road safety in the area. The presentation was well received and was followed by some meaningful discussions with those present. We all left the meeting feeling quite positive about some of the outcomes that we should be able to achieve.

A site meeting was held on Tuesday 23rd October 2019 with members of Cumbria Highways and members of the group. This was very positive and a number of ideas were proposed and discussed and action has been agreed upon. Some items will be quicker to resolve than others but please look out for changes starting to happen. You might notice a few more people in HiViz around the village over the coming months as they survey and measure for these works.

Hopefully these initial steps will already start to make improvements in road safety whilst some of the longer term projects come to fruition.

The group are feeling very positive with the steps we have achieved already and look forward to working with our partner agencies on the longer term projects.

One comment that kept being made is “If you see a fault, report it. The more it gets reported the quicker it can get resolved”. So please do not presume someone else will have reported a road fault, the council said they would rather have 20 reports than none at all. Please use the link below to report any issues.