The below are the areas and progress we’ve made since forming out appearances and amenities group.

  1. Telephone box in village
    Action(s) required: Needs refurbished/painted/reused
    Lead Person(s): Tony McCully
    Priority: Medium
    Resources Required:
    Progress: TM – 28/08/2019 – Still ongoing as the consultation period from BT should take until end October or middle November.All going well we can take possession of phone box and refurnish it etc.
    TM 09/08/2019 – BT have been contacted and they have a adopt a phone scheme for councils etc if the phone box is not in use. I have asked if we can adopt the phone box and it requires a 90 day consultation period, providing no objections we should be able to purchase the phone box for £1 in October (fingers crossed) Please give some thought as to what we would like to do with the phone box all going well, library with an honesty box, art gallery,information booth, history of the community, combination of some or all the mentioned.Any ideas/suggestions feel free to air.
  2. Appearance of area of ground between church and river.
    Action(s) required: Clear out the overgrown bushes and decide what to do with the space e.g. put a community flower bed e.g. a well.
    Lead Person(s): Scott Robertson
    Priority: Medium
    Resources Required:
    (SR) The land is owned by the Parish Council. A quote has been approved to carry out the maintenance, this will not be carried out until after bird nesting season.
  3. Church railings need replacing/painted.
    Action(s) required: Paint and Repair
    Lead Person(s): Ray Hodge
    Priority: High Medium Low: Medium
    Resources Required: Paint, metal
    Progress: TM 29/08/2019 – Ray has done a sterling job in this area.The gates have been refurnished.Railings require painting etc.Ray has sourced paint for the job and will source wire brushes,scrapers etc.What is now required is a day or 2 where the work can be actually carried out. Weather permitting and peoples availability is the challenge. Proposed that long range weather forecast is checked and then proposed dates are circulated for peoples availability for work to be carried out.
    RH 09/08/2019 – Work has started this is likely to take some time. Once some repairs have been made we’ll organize a painting party.
  4. Weeds by gatehouse road on entrance to Pelham House/drive.
    Action(s) required: Weed and tidy up entrance.
    Lead Person(s): Dave & Caroline Jackson, Marian Graham
    Priority: High Medium Low: Medium
    Resources Required: N/A
    Progress: This work has now been carried out and will be maintained going forward.
  5. Litter patrol/more rubbish bins/signage about disposal of litter.
    Action(s) required:
    Lead Person(s): Scott Robertson, Bob Jones, Don Mackay, Most of the community group are contributing to this where we can.
    Priority: High
    Resources Required:
    TM 29/08/2019 – An ongoing task but has been a success.Agreement that there is currently no requirement for formal arranged litter patrols as people are carrying this role on an ad hoc basis and it is working.
    (SR) I’ve emailed SL and the council regarding making use of the LED Advertisement screen in the blackbeck which is currently doing nothing. – 08/09/2019 Signs have now been removed, Continuing the Facebook campaign to raise awareness.
    (BJ) Speaking to the council regarding equipment and where to leave the litter once collected. – 08-09-2019 Parish Council has now purchased five litter pickers.
    (DM) 09/08/2019 – Walking miles and miles collecting litter Well done Don
  6. Bus shelter needs decorating and timetable displayed in shelter and on Facebook page.
    Action(s) required:
    Lead Person(s): Mandy Carswell, Scott Robertson
    Priority: High Medium Low: Medium
    Resources Required: Fix Rotten wood
    Progress: TM 29/08/2019 – The shelter does need decorating and this will be looked at.
    Bus Timetables: (MC) – Tidying the bus shelter monthly. Some maintenance work is required which will be organized shortly.
    (SR) Timetables now on our website. I’ve asked around locally and on Facebook and people seem happy with the services.
  7. Play area requires improvement.
    Action(s) required:
    Lead Person(s): Scott Robertson, Nina Glaister, Kayleigh Robertson
    Priority: High Medium Low:
    Resources Required: New Equipment/Grant
    Progress: KR 30/08/2019 – A application was submitted to Sellafield to help fund the improvements, this wasn’t successful however they have suggested another project we should put forward for which has more funding available. More information coming soon.
    (SR) – Some current warn items have been replaced and some more items have been requested. A catalogue of play items will be requested for quotes etc Various ideas discussed after a facebook poll.
    (NG, SR 09/08/2019) Looking into creating a bug hotels, wild flower area, benches.
  8. New dog waste bin next to play area.
    Action(s) required:New Bin and signs
    Lead Person(s): Scott Robertson
    Priority: High Medium Low:
    Resources Required: New bin, Signs
    Progress: TM 29/08/2019 – After discussion it was decided that a new dog waste bin is required near the play area as people are still putting dog waste in the normal bins.Local council will be contacted and asked if a new bin where required is possible.
    SR – There is a dog waste bin on the village hall car park so that could be relocated to the play area (On investigation this appears to be well used, need to discuss a new bin in the next meeting).Was also mentioned that people are putting dog waste in the black bins next to the village hall. (Scott offered to make signs stating these bins are not for dog waste)
  9. Poop Patrol – (Was stick and Flick)
    Action(s) required: Build a stick station to put at Monks walks.
    Lead Person(s): Scott Robertson, Dave Stubbins
    Priority: Medium
    Resources Required: Wood, Signage
    Progress: SR 29/08/2019 – Due to a number of issues we’ve decided to hold off the stick and flick idea for now. Instead we will concentrate on those not picking up dog poop. A Poop patrol is being setup and we’ve information and a stencil from the council to help enforce fines if applicable, if not a name and shame approach will be taken.
  10. Village Hall Field Sandstone Wall
    Action(s) required: Build a stick station to put at Monks walks.
    Lead Person(s): Scott Robertson
    Priority: Medium
    Resources Required: Grant
    Progress: SR 29/08/2019 – Initial talks sound positive for being able to get a grant or help to build. further investigation is underway.
    SR – Had quotes to repair sections of the wall, we cannot afford this work and realistically the whole wall needs rebuilt. it is in a poor state and it constantly in repair. Investigating Grants
  11. Community Day
    Action(s) required: Build a stick station to put at Monks walks.
    Lead Person(s): Scott Robertson, Arthur Daly
    Priority: Medium
    Resources Required: Ducks
    Progress: SR 29/08/2019 – Looking at dates around November for a winter community day.
    (SR) No available date for a summer community day, we will look at arranging something later in the year. Arthur Daly has offered to do a duck race 14th September.

Next meeting with regards to village appearance and facilities will be in the village hall Thursday 19th September at 1900 .

Thank you to all who volunteered to look at some of these tasks,some will be quick fix I believe and some may take slightly longer due to resourcing etc.If you have forgotten which task(s) you picked to help on just ask!

3 thoughts on “Appearance and amenities

  1. For area number 2, I’ve confirmed this land is owned by the Parish Council. I will discuss a way forward tomorrow at the parish council meeting.

  2. Area 2 is one that we volunteered to see if we can improve its appearance Scott.
    I also spoke to a member of Parish Council who told me that the pruning of the shrubs and trees is all in hand. We need to decide/discuss what else can be done by way of planters or flower beds etc.
    I spoke to Annette Crayston who is a Church Warden, re the railings, she is going to find out if the community can repair and paint them.

  3. Area 2 is the one I’ve volunteered for. I personally haven’t made any progress as yet but ready and willing to help wherever I can.

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