In 2002 John Taylor started to build a 44ft catamaran here in Calderbridge, this took him around 8 years to complete. Although he’s lived in Calderbridge since 2003 due to him working as an engineer in Antartica, Borneo and other exotic locations his stays in the village are short.

The catamaran gives a new meaning to the term ‘self-build boat’. With its handmade stainless steel fittings, strip cedar planks, engine system and far more besides, his stunning wood-and-epoxy catamaran Ocean Swift is a feat of expert engineering. The below video is an insight to his journey to St Kilda.

From Cumbria to the Caribbean.
Ocean Swift made her debut journey from Cumbria’s river Esk in 2015, set against the stunning backdrop of the Ravenglass mountains. Having since been thoroughly tested through several trips across the Irish Sea, she is now making voyages far further afield.

At the time of writing, John and his friend Emma, have just sailed from Cumbria to Portugal and from there on to the Canaries, Cape Verde, Barbados and the Grenadines. Much to John’s delight, the journey has seen Ocean Swift achieve speeds of 22 knots.

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John is also in the process of creating his own website to share his amazing build and adventures. Click Here read to see his progress.